Under the leadership of Robert Schreier,  Middle School 118 moved from a middle placement within the City
of New York to one of the top achieving schools in the city.

            Chancellor Rudolph Crew placed Middle School 118 on his Honor Roll where it remained for five years.  The
school's reading scores were the highest in the district.  The school won numerous accolades and honors,
including being chosen for a Cool School Award for academic excellence by Donna Hanover.         

            Randy Weingarten, UFT President called the school a model learning environment for the children of New
York City.  Model school recognition came from Clara Hemphill when Middle School 118 was highlighted in her book,
NYC's Best Public Middle Schools. The school also fielded a National Championship Chess Team, a First Place
Debate Team, and had student’s who won an amazing number of high school scholarships and admissions to
specialized competitive high schools.

            Robert Schreier recognized that practical applications of current research on child development would
improve a school’s educational program. As the Principal of Middle School 118 he knew that the experiences of his
student’s lives were not always easy or trouble-free.  He knew that he had to take the negatives and turn them into
positives. Children must feel safe and thus will become involved in their education with a sense of self-worth and
acceptance. The faculty understood that there must be a mutual trust between teachers and students with a real
sense of community and family.

            As a result of meeting this challenge, students at Middle School 118 felt secure and were involved in their own
education. The faculty demonstrated a genuine caring and a sense of responsibility for the student’s success.
Anyone who walked through our building knew the feeling is palpable. This caring attitude for students serves as a
model for the values a school must share. Everyone knew of no higher goal that an educational community could
aspire to.

    About the Principal’s School

            Middle School 118 is located in the southernmost section of Community School District Ten in the Bronx. The
school has long stood at the center of this community and ranks in the top 20% of all Middle Schools in the City of
New York. With the Principal’s encouragement, the staff was allowed to create alternative programs which became
mini-schools in their own right and extended the concept of family within a relatively large educational institution
(Enrollment: 1350 students, Special Education Enrollment: 150 students in 12 classes “5 classes are Inclusion”, 7
mini-schools and a Bilingual Program).

            The results of this approach can be seen in improved reading and math scores. Many of our students are
admitted to New York’s finest high schools, including Stuyvesant High School, The Bronx High School of Science,
Brooklyn Technical High School and Fiorella LaGuardia High School for Music and Art, as well as private schools
and parochial schools.

    PACE Academy for Creative Expression – Talent & Gifted Program
            (350 students)
  •         The PACE Academy offers an enriched, challenging and accelerated   three-year course of study for the
college bound student.

  •         Accelerated math and science curricula leading to Regents exams in Course I Math and Earth Science.

  •         A literacy based technology program spans the entire three-year curriculum.

  •         Activities include: Band, chorus, drama, ceramics, fine arts, chess, constitutional law, sports,
               environmental science program, Yale University (Mt. Forest), Summerbridge Program  at Riverdale  
               Country School,  Summer on the Hill, the Fieldston Enrichment Program,  and the Math and Science  
               Institute at the Bronx High School of Science.

  •         Over the past six years, 100% of PACE graduates have been accepted to specialized public high schools  
               and high school programs. Over 40% of the students received over $800,000 worth of scholarships to  
               private and parochial high schools.  

    Recognition received as Principal for creating a Blue Ribbon Middle School
  •        Chancellor of NYC – Board of Education Honor Roll for five years.

  •         Mayor of NYC – Cool School Award for Academic Excellence.

  •         Borough President Ferrer with Mrs. Sandra Lerner, representative of the NYC Board of Education,
               selected MS 118 as the Outstanding School in the Bronx.

  •         Ms. Randy Weingarten – UFT President – A Model Learning Environment for Children in New York City.

  •         Police Commissioner Kerik for a safe school award.

  •         Model School recognition and Grant from: Constitutional Works, Chess in the Schools, Classroom Inc.,
               Christordora Foundation, and Fordham University.

  •         Model School recognition from Clara Hemphill – MS 118 was highlighted in her book “NYC Best Public
               Middle Schools” 1998 - 2002.

  •         Model School recognition from – “Advocates For Children” – met criteria for placement on their web site &
               Robert Schreier co-hosted cable documentary on “Inclusion Education” with “Advocates For Children”.

      The school received funding from:
    *      Bank Street College / Dr. Mel Levine for teacher professional development,

    *        The Bronx Botanical Gardens / Ecology Group,

    *        Clearpool – Chancellor of NYC Ecology Program,

    *        Christodora Manice Environmental Education Program,

    *        Manice Summer Ecology Program,

    *        Fordham University Early morning workshops in math and literacy, cultural experiences, social work   
                  interns, parent advisory group meetings with Fordham University, summer academy,

    *        Forest Ecology Program in association with Yale University and Botanical Gardens,

    *       Junior Achievement,

    *        Lincoln Center “Open Stages” Education Program/Shakespeare in the School,

            I pursued these grants each year because I believed that the children of MS 118 deserve much more than our
schools can afford them. My dedication was best expressed by the former Bronx Borough President Fernando
Ferrer: “The excellent education that you provide to the children of The Bronx is integral to the success of our entire
borough. I noted you in my State of Borough address to send the message to the public that your school enables
our children to achieve against the odds”.

Robert Schreier -  Educator, Consultant, NYC School Principal